AEP200 Bed Elevator

AEP200 Bed Elevator

Thoughtful design providing a life channel in the building. Aolida bed elevator integrates care,thoughtfulness, safety, steadiness to provide fast a life channel for first aid.

Product specifications: 1350-2000kg, 1.0-2,5m/s,fully meet the requirements of the hospital,nursing homes and other health care places.


AEP200 Bed Elevator Details

Warm care creating a healthy space


Aolida bed elevator with small machine room shows infinite love for life in every details.


Energy-saving driving the future


With the use of permanent magnet synchronous geartess traction machine, it breaks the traditkxial technical concepts; vector frequency-driven energy-saving configuration create a quiet space for you; coupled with by CS5000 integrated control system to show the wisdom.


Simple and harmonious, quiet and elegant


Adida bed eievator focuses on humanized design, with fully optimized car structure, practical energy-saving lift car lighting, calm and dignified stainless steel car wall, to provide a cozy riding space.


Considerate design of every details (Paid optional)

Barrier-free space: it can be configured with the pronunciation station reporting, control box for the disable, braille button, cosmetk: mirror andother functions, to give you good moment with warm care.

Electromagnetic compatibility: it can effectively avoid the electromagnetic interference of medical equipment and elevator signal, to meet theneeds of modern medical systems.




Car style



BC16001  Standard 

Ceiling: 304 Mirror stainless steel + acrylic + LED lights

Car wall: 304 Hairiine stainless steel

Controlling box: Integrated controlling box, 304 hairline stainless steel

Handrail: Stainless steel flat handrail

Floor: PVC floor


BC16002  Free optional

Ceiling: 304 Mirror stainless steel + acrylic + LED lights

Car wall: 304 Hairline stainless steel

Controlling box: integrated controlling box,304 hairline stainless steel

Handrail: Stainless steel fiat handrail

Floor: PVC floor

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