AEF500 Car Elevator

AEF500 Car Elevator

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Aoiida car Iift gives full consicteration to large volume and heavy load of automobile products, so Aolkja adopts heavy-k)ad asynchronous traction machine and AC variable frequency speed regulation dragging system. The stable statically-indeterminate steel structure system can bear the impact force of huge offset load force when automobites drive in or out from the lift car,thus fundamentafiy ensure the safety performance.


AEF500 Car Elevator Details

Two control button box are set in the lift car so that the driver can freely oontral the lift without walking outside the car.

Infrared ray remote control function allows the driver to faultlessly control the lift without walking outside the car (pakj optional).

The lift is designed to be open the doors from front and back, making it convenient for cars to drive in or out.

Excellent ventilation and exhaustion design make the air in the lift car fresh.




Car ceiling: Steel plate with spraying plastics

Car wall: Steel plate with spraying plastics

C.O.P: Stainless steel hairline

Car floor: Steel plate with decorative design


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