AEF200/210 Series Freight Elevator

AEF200/210 Series Freight Elevator

By virtue of abundant experience in the freight industry,Aolida owns a complete series of freight elevator products and leads the development in heavy-load field Aolida is able to perfectly meet transport demands and provide customers with high-efficient and comprehensive freight solutions under various conditions.


AEF200/210 Series Freight Elevator Details

Profound accumulation, be steady like rocks


The variable frequency asynchronous main engine has strong carrying capacity, meeting customers' heavy一丨oad freight requirements. The maximum load reaches up to 10 tons. The lift is qualified for transport under all kinds of environments, which is an (deal choice for cultural and sports buildings, logistics centers, industrial transport buildings, etc.


Frequency conversion of speed governing, smooth running


VWF frequency conversion of speed governing smoothly adjusts the running speed of lift, which improves the comfort of running lift to a large extent. In this way, the lift runs smoothly, levels aocuratefy and reduces noise.


Control acojrately, arrive steadily


Aolida adopts brand new idea of the integration of control and driving to control the lifts in a safe, accurate and high efficient way to ensure lifts arrive safely and steadily.


Strong load-bearing capacity, be steady and durable


Car walls are specially designed to be shut at the top and the bottom to withstand slight crash from cargoes. High-strength timber frame perfectly matches with the specialty strengthened car chassis to adiieve strong bearing strength to adapt to carrying cases in every loading.


Car style


HC16001 Standard

Car ceiling: Steel plate with spraying plastics

Car wall、car door: Steel plate with spraying plastics

C.O.P: Stainless steel hairline

Car floor: Steel pjate with decorative design

Door opening mode: Side opening


HC16002 Paid optional

Car ceiling: Hairline staintess steel

Car wail、car door: Hairfine stainless steel

C.O.P: Hairline staintess steel

Car floor: Steel plate with decorative design

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