AEE Moving Sidewalks

AEE Moving Sidewalks

Aolida AEE500 automatic walkway creates smooth trip mode for you with advanced design concept, can carry long time, long distance, heavy load transport requirements, facilitate baby carriages, shopping cart and other transportation, and has become a preferred solutions to large supermarket, airport, exhibition centers and other public transport sites.


AEE Moving Sidewalks Details



Aolida escalators / sidewalks products take a full consideration of social aging, how to protect the safety of taking escalators and other social needs in design. Apply rigorous safety design concepts, deploy carefulsafety protection deviceto bring a more reassuring ride experience.



Because of the application of frequency conversion technology and a number of quiet technologieSpAolida escalators I sidewalks products have industry-teading comfort and low noise level,which is comfortable for ride and brings excellent operating environment to the public buildings.


Energy conservation


Select and use variable frequency driving, energy feedback and other culting-edge technologies, energy-saving effect is signtficant, and the energy consumption of complete machine can be reduced furthest. The overlongservice lifecreates an unparalleled economic value for the customers.


Science and technology


In the product design and environmental treatment, Aolida give escalators and sidewalks more humane warmth,pay more attention to passengers' riding experience, so that passengers can virtually experience the meticulous care from Aolida.

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