AEE Escalator

AEE Escalator

Aolida AEE series escalators / sidewalks are designed to meet the demands of passengers' safety and travel. They combine advanced technologies and apply new materials while integrating the safety, practicality, durability and visual beauty, which can ensure smooth movement of urban passenger flow and create humane public transport solutions.


AEE Escalator Details

AEE200 indoor commercial escalator


Based on ergonomic and aesthetic concepts,Aolida AEE200 seriesindoor commerdal escalators have luxuryappearance and highly fashionable beauty, ancf harmoniously fuse wrth urtan arctiiteclure and interior decoration and add visual enjoyment to modem architecture. Complete product specifications can to fully meet the needs of shopping malls, supemnarkets and other places.


AEE210 indoor public transport type escalator


The city rhythm is getting faster and faster, peopte' requirements on travel environment, comfort are getting higher and higher, Aolida AEE210seriesindoor public transport type escalatorcreates modem indoor transportation hubs wr&i advanced science and technology, andfiie product application scope covers the subway, stations, airports and ottier indoor public transport places.


AEE 300 outdoor commercial escalator


The outdoor enviranment is volatile. Aolida AEE300 outdoor commefcial escaEatoris specially designed for outdoor environment. It has higher protection level, such as anti-corrosion of electrical system, metal and rubber products, stronger anti-aging property, automatic heating, lubrication and drainage. It can be harmony with the urban construction and meet the use demands of commercial street, soenlc and other special occasions.


AEE310 outdoor public transport type escalator


AEE310 outdoor public transport type escalator reflects thetechnical foresight of Aofida, in addition to having a higher level of protection, it is superior in aspects of continuous heavy-duty operation, unregulated operation and high service Iffe,and can fully adapt to stations, airports and other outdoor public transport hubs.




Aolida escalators / sidewalks products take a full consideration of social aging, how to protect the safety of taking escalators and other social needs in design. Apply rigorous safety design concepts, deploy carefulsafety protection deviceto bring a more reassuring ride experience.




Because of the application of frequency conversion technology and a number of quiet technologieSpAolida escalators I sidewalks products have industry-teading comfort and low noise level,which is comfortable for ride and brings excellent operating environment to the public buildings.


Energy conservation


Select and use variable frequency driving, energy feedback and other culting-edge technologies, energy-saving effect is signtficant, and the energy consumption of complete machine can be reduced furthest. The overlongservice lifecreates an unparalleled economic value for the customers.


Science and technology


In the product design and environmental treatment, Aolida give escalators and sidewalks more humane warmth,pay more attention to passengers' riding experience, so that passengers can virtually experience the meticulous care from Aolida.

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