Choose Suitable Villa Elevator For Your Home


Villa elevator drive type: According to the provisions […]

Villa elevator drive type: According to the provisions of national villa elevator standards, the main driving models of villa elevators are: hydraulic drive, wire rope traction drive, screw and nut drive, gear and rack drive. Hydraulic drive. Advantages: The hydraulic elevator has stable operation, low running sound, slow lifting speed, heavy load, and high utilization rate of the hoistway. Disadvantages: Higher product costs. There is a requirement for the outside temperature. Late maintenance The maintenance cost is high, the hydraulic oil has an odor, the hydraulic cylinder is easy to leak oil, the pollution is serious, and it is easy to cause fire. The machine room is about 1m.

Traction drive. Advantages: Fast operation, high lifting height, suitable for installation in high-rise buildings, low power consumption, low sound during operation, no need for engine room. Disadvantages: high requirements on the size, low utilization rate of the hoistway, large reserved space, very large footprint, and high product cost. Screw drive. Advantages: flexible size, stable operation, stable performance, high utilization rate of wells, no need of machine room and pit, simple structure and quick installation. Disadvantages: Limited load. Sprocket drive. Low product cost, low power consumption, small footprint, no machine room, full mechanical movement. Disadvantages: It produces less than 60 decibels of noise.

A three-storey villa elevator is taken as an example. From domestic to imported, the price ranged from 10 to 20,000 to tens of thousands. Later use requires professional maintenance, generally 15 days once, mandatory to the Safety Supervision Bureau to install, annual inspection once a year. In the hydraulic, traction and screw type elevators, the daily maintenance and maintenance costs of screw elevators are relatively low.

The well location space determines the elevator and door opening dimensions. The middle of the stairs, corners, and plugs can all be used. Style style: Closed well with enclosed car, sightseeing well with sightseeing car, sightseeing on three sides or local sightseeing, or installing glass windows on the door. The shape of the car is rectangular, round and combination type. Because there are many elevator parts, the family sightseeing ladder is not easy to use full transparent glass. Domestic elevators do not use service personnel for special elevators. It is recommended that the local call extensions in the car should be used to prevent people from getting out of trouble to call for help. Villa elevator decoration combined with home decoration style, simple and practical to increase the highlight of home life principle, wooden car, sightseeing car, stainless steel car, ceiling lamps, mirror headlights, energy-saving lamps. More elevators on