who are we

Hangzhou Aolida Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, who perfected the Passenger Elevator,Home Elevators, Sightseeing Elevator,Sightseeing Lifts,Glass Elevators,Observation Elevator, Bed Elevator, Villa Elevator through-train management system from R&D to manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance services. We are committed to providing customers with more accurate and efficient overall solution. As a professional

China Home Elevators Suppliers,Sightseeing Lifts Manufacturers and Glass Elevators factory

, Aolida has won the industry's top production qualification: manufacturing license "A", installation license "A" and maintenance license "A", which is the national "AAA Level "leading enterprises.
  • R & d

    Strong research and development capabilities and non-standard design.

  • Our base

    Two major manufacturing base to meet the needs of a large number of procurement.

  • production line

    With a number of automatic production lines, automated production, high efficiency, more accurate.

Global Case

  • Centro Hospital ario Guayana,C.A. Bolivar

    Centro Hospital ario Guayana,C.A. Bolivar

  • Dubai Ports

    Dubai Ports

  • Mathyas Fiji

    Mathyas Fiji

  • Miltex Sprlavenue--Leon Hotel

    Miltex Sprlavenue--Leon Hotel

  • 《SP-OKCA》Co.,Ltd. Kazakhstan

    《SP-OKCA》Co.,Ltd. Kazakhstan

  • Building Abat Mangyshlak

    Building Abat Mangyshlak

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